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Little Island

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A Pathfinder compatible adventure for 1st-3rd level characters.


In days long past, a mighty empire ruled vast areas of land and sea. To ensure that its ships were able to navigate safely, it constructed numerous light houses on key islands and along dangerous coasts.

When the empire fell, as all empires do, many of these lighthouses were cast into ruin. While some survived the fall, the remains of the empire could no longer support these lighthouses and one by one the ancient lights went dark.

The lighthouse on Little Island survived the fall of the empire as did the small community of people who made the island their home.  Unfortunately, they did not survive for long. Two vessels filled with pirates and mutineers attacked the island and raided it for supplies and loot. After killing almost everyone on the island, the crews returned to their ships, the Dorshenta and the Wesren,. Perhaps it was the judgment of the gods or mere bad luck, but the Dorshenta was swept onto the Cruel Rocks on the northeast part of the island. With her hull broken, the vessel could no longer shelter her crew-they were cast into the churning surf and crushed upon the rocks. Their wicked compatriots in the Wesren laughed at their fate and set out to sea, only to face their own Judgment.

Though the physical remains of the Dorshenta’s crew were soon devoured by the rock crabs and hungry fish, the spirits of the crew were trapped in the area of the wreck-condemned to pay for their wickedness until set free.

The crew of the Wesren met an equally unpleasant fate-their vessel fell victim to an unnatural storm and the dead crew was raised up again as horrific undead and condemned to sail the seas until their sins were fully atoned.

While these wicked spirits were compelled to remain on the mortal plane, a more gentle spirit, the lighthouse keeper Hepsen, chose to remain after death to watch over his beloved lighthouse.

Since the time of the Dorshenta, the island has not felt the tread of mortal feet, but other things did arrive on the island. Corrupted necroseeds blew in upon a foul wind and took root within the forest. From these vile seeds arose necrotrees who then decimated the animals and birds of the forest, leaving behind only a multitude of small bones.

While the island has remained in isolation for centuries, that will change with the arrival of the player characters. It is up to them to determine their fate and the fate of the Little Island.

Little Island is available now on Amazon.com for 99 cents.

Little Island is available now as a PDF at the Paizo store for 99 cents.


Little Island Monsters & Maps PDF

See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Written by Michael LaBossiere

February 25, 2013 at 6:15 pm

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