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LEU: Bits & Bytes

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LEU-Bits-&-Bytes-CoverIn 1993 I started a Macintosh ezine, the Low-End User (LEU). This little ezine attracted a group of talented contributors and enjoyed a loyal following until its final issue in 1995. In memory of those days, I have assembled my articles and product reviews into this book.

Available on Amazon.

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With it you can “flashmac” to a time of:

• 14.4 Global Village Modems
• eWorld
• Quadras
• RamDoubler
• The SE/30 and other 68K Macs
• 40 MB hard drives
• B&W monitors
• Zapping the PRAM
• AppleTalk
• NuBus
• Radius
• Gatekeeper
• 100 MB Zip disks
• Bill Clinton

The Contents
Zapping the PRAM and Rebuilding the Desktop
External or Internal?
The Apple Name Game
New Frontiers of Hard Drive Space
Expansion Through Reduction
Buying a Mac
Focus on the SE/30
Focus on the Mac Plus
April Fools
“Free Software” Gimmick Ads
Virtual Crimes
Soft Solutions to Hard Problems
The Clipper Chip: Virtual Coast Guard or Pirate Ship?
The Apple and the Tao
Free Riders on the Net
Apple Has Your Number
Tech Support Blues
On the Road: RAM & Battery Life
On the Road: Road Gear
Computers, Freedom, and Molotov Cocktails
Souping the SE
Macs & Education
MacMorality:Morality Online
Mac Boosting Without Slot Loss
Registration Blues
Why Buy Software?
Pet Proofing Your Mac or The Attack of the Killer Golden Retrievers
Online Etiquette

SpaceMadness 1.1.3
MicroGrade 3.0
Pax Imperia1.0.2
Ram Doubler
FontMaster 88
Desktop Remover
DeSEA 1.4
Automenus Pro
Max Ram
SCSIMasterª 1.15
Sound On/Off
Port Linker 1.0
Power Break 1.0
Find Cursor
Scout’s Honour
Memory Minder
Launch Application
Launch Apps
Babe o Rama
Missions of the Reliant
MiniApps Pack 1.0
Restore Monitors
Color Floppy Maker 1.1
Kensignton Microsaver
VST Thinpack
Thinpack Utilities
Drop Shadow
Power User CD-ROM
StripPPC 1.0a1 and Strip68k 1.0a1
SetupPartitions 1.0.3
Battery Amnesia 1.3.1
QuickFormat 8.0.1
MacAssasin 1.1
WarBirds 1.2.0
SoundsHelper 1.1v2
MugMaker 1.01
ShrinkWrap 1.1.2
Snapz 1.0.0
Desktop Strip 1.0
Keyboard Extender Strip 1.0
Control Panels Strip
Control Strip Terminator
SuperCard 1.7
Nexus 1.0
eDoc 1.0
PowerHouse BizCards
Desktop Valet
Rebel Assault 1.0.6
FirePower 1.0
Marathon 1.0
SaveClip 1.1
Living Desktop Classic
CD Menu 1.0.1
DropConversion 1.1
Dialog View 2.0.1
Daily Items Manager 1.0
Compact Pro 1.5.1
The Tray
Marathon Shape Installer v0.9b1
Fellowes 3.5” Softworks™
Iomega ZIP Drive


Written by Michael LaBossiere

March 1, 2013 at 2:47 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] let me share the origin of the site’s name. Way back in 1993-95, there was an ezine called Low End User. Its focus was on getting the most out of older, low-end, discontinued Mac gear such as the Mac LC. […]

  2. […] name got shorter. I had been inspired by the Low End User ezine, which was all about getting the most out of older Macs, and the name – The New Low End […]

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