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Dragon Hunt

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A Pathfinder Role Playing Game compatible adventure for 8th-12th level characters.


Long ago, in the small border village of Gremsel, lived two brothers who were masters of their respective crafts.  Kertrun was a skilled blacksmith and Bertrun was a master bowyer. A chance visit to the town during a border skirmish by a knight in need of arms and armor for his conscripts led to fame for the two brothers. But, though they had many offers, they had little desire to leave their pleasant life for what they saw as the corruption and distraction of a large city. While they readily agreed to work for all who sought them out, they preferred their simple and peaceful lives in the town.

This peace came to an end when a dragon, taking advantage of the unrelenting border conflicts and hearing of the fame of the brothers, came to demand tribute from the village. Without anyone strong enough to face the dragon, the villagers had no choice but to give in to the dragon’s demand.  Unfortunately for the villagers, their meager wealth was not enough to appease the dragon, who had expected that the brothers would have made a fortune selling their weapons and armor. However, the brothers asked but little for their work, taking pride in doing their best for the sake of being the best. The dragon expressed his disappointment by scorching the village and killing many of the inhabitants.

Though badly wounded, the brothers survived. They took a vow in the ruins of their shop to take revenge against the dragon and its ilk. The made weapons and armor for themselves and then set out to gain the skills they would need to gain their vengeance. They fought several dragons over the years and were aided by other adventures who were motivated by greed or vengeance. Finally, they found the dragon that had laid waste to their town and met him in terrible battle. Though the brothers were badly wounded and some of their fellows perished, they defeated the dragon. They used the dragon’s horde to restore their fallen comrades to life and to rebuild Gremsel. Satisfied with their vengeance, they retired from adventuring and lived out the remainder of their days in peace doing what they loved. When they died, they were placed within a tomb intended to honor their memory. While the very best of their weapons were passed on to companions, a fine sword and bow were placed in the tomb to be on hand should a dragon dare return to Gremsel.

Gremsel’s fortunes waxed and waned over the centuries but it always managed to survive. However, the secret of the brothers’ tomb was lost. Most importantly, the passwords needed to get past the guardians were lost. Eventually, even the location of the tomb was forgotten, though mention of it remained in certain old histories.

History has now repeated itself—A dragon has come to the town of Gremsel and the magistrate of the area is hiring brave adventurers to save the day.

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Dragon Hunt Map & Monsters PDF

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See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Written by Michael LaBossiere

February 25, 2013 at 6:14 pm

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